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Aparajita Sarma, daughter & disciple of Guru Smt Kanaka Sudhakar, is a dedicated Bharatanatyam performer, choreographer & teacher.


As a performer she has given more than 500 Bharatanatyam performances in India and abroad. A passionate traveler she has toured across the globe covering Africa, Europe, China, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Oman and Nepal with Bharatanatyam.

As a teacher she is currently the manager & senior faculty of Nrityabharti, training more than 200 students in tha art of Bharatanatyam.

As a choreographer, Aparajita has proved her worth by creating dance pieces that have won in many national competitons in India. Her debut production, Mrigtrishna, with contemporary artiste Pritpal Singh, caught the attention of many with its avante garde concept.

She has been curating 'INRADHANUSH DILLI - A NATIONAL FESIVAL OF ARTS for the past ten years.

Manjari Sinha from The Statesman - 'Bharatanatyam by the well trained disciples of Guru Kanaka Sudhakar and her gifted daughter Aparajita Sharma came next. The impressive solo by Aparajita depicting the compassionate and Raudra Roop of Devi and Mahishasur Mardhini was preceded by the group on Shankar Shri Giriraj Prabho in Hamsanandi' - 


Leela Venkatraman in - Aparajita Sarma, daughter of Bharatanatyam Guru Kanaka Sudhakar, showed herself to be a vibrant dancer, her Bharatanatyam lines articulated with an assertive quality demanding audience attention. The portrayal of Devi as Simhavahini to music in Ranjini, as Mahishasuramardhini and as "Omkara Nada Roopini"

SD Sharm in The Tribune - It was a treat to watch the geometrical accuracy of energetic dance movements footwork emotional expressions and mudras executed by Aparajita as she brought alive the Ramayana episodes from the birth of Lord Rama and his exile to the victory in the battle with demon King Ravana


Neeru Saharan in Hindustan Times, Chandigarh -  The dance use Drew appreciation for her graceful expression and her strong hold on the target with m from the critics and the audience performance ended with a thunderous applause.

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